Client Questions

Do I need insurance for my horse?

My horse recently got a puncture wound on his leg, should I be worried about Tetanus?

My horse is a 15-year-old gray thoroughbred mare that has developed some lumps under her tail. Several people have told me that these are melanomas, all gray horses get them, and to just leave them alone. One lump seems to be getting bigger, should I be concerned?

My horse was diagnosed with a sinus infection about 6 months ago. We have treated with antibiotics two times now, but the smelly discharge from his left nostril keeps coming back. I am so frustrated! Why isn t this going away, and how do we cure it -Sara Jensen, DVM

My horse was prescribed Previcox for a chronic condition and I am hearing mixed rumors as to whether it can be used in a USEF or AQHA competition. Can you shed light on this?

What is the definition of an “unwanted horse”?

Rabies occurs very rarely in horses. Why is it necessary that I vaccinate for it?

My mare just foaled but her placenta is still attached, how long after foaling will she pass her placenta?

What is the cause of colic?

My mare just foaled and is now showing some mild signs of colic, should I be concerned?

What is strangles and does my horse need to be vaccinated for it?